Thursday, 30 October 2008

a spectacle case for man

This is the recent item no.08006.
I had a request to make one for male, and so I have used the basic linen cotton fabric in khaki colour.

To contrast with the outside fabric, I have used a traditional Japanese arrow print inside.

This is on Auction Japan today for 4 days.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The bag made out of the interior fabric

This is the large zipper bag I made yesterday.
I have used my favourite interior fabric.
I am sure if you went to the Spotlight, you have seen this at the shop.
It disappeared few years ago from the shop, but came back recently.

There are whole width pockets on both side of the bag, and have made a small pockets for pens and memo pad inside it.
I think it will be better if the pocket is whole length as well so that it is deeper.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

A handy way to carry your glasses

Beside making bags, I had been working on this little item.
This has been one of my best sellers since I started cartonnage 4~5 years ago.

I call it the "Tear Drop" since it has a shape of tear drop when you look at it from the bottom.
This is a spectacle stand which you can also carry around in your bag!

There is a cotton batting inside to protect the glasses from damage, and since I have put the batting at the bottom as well, that you can throw your glasses in casually and not worry about it getting damaged.

It has a snap button on the flap lid so you can run around in the city withoug worrying about your glasses jumping out of the container.

You fasten this mini leather handle on to the D ring of the Tear Drop, and put it around the handle of your bag. Or you can even put it on your belt if you don't carry a bag.

You can carry it outside like this, or

Carry it inside like this.
The body of this Tear Drop is shaped so that it can be flexible inside the bag, but won't get squashed completely as it is shaped firmly at the bottom.

I have made 5 of them, and 2 are sold as an order.
I have put other 3 onto the Yahoo Japan Auction.

Now, here are the new bags I made recently.
It's a casula bag made with dark brown linen cotton fabric.
One is with an antique feedsack cotton patchworked at the front and at the back.

It has a 16cm zipper pocket at the back, and also has a removable zipper pouch inside.
The second one is very similar, but the patchwork is of the Liberty.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Liberty patchworked bag -

I had been too lazy to update this blog, again...
But, this is for my own benefit to continue write blog entries, so I like to start writing on this blog again, hopefully, more frequently.

This is the latest sewing box I have made.
The fabric I used for the bottom of the box is Lucien.
It was bought for me by my mum when she was travelling in Europe.
The cross stitch is done, again, on the European linen.

This is the recent bag I have made, and it's in Auction now.
This gorgeous patchwork is of the Liberty, of course, and I have matched the cross stitched linen in the middle. The other side has the same patchwork and the cross stitch in pink.
This bag has a zipper main room in the middle, and magnet fastned pockets on both sides.
There are small pockets inside these side pockets.
I have designed it so the contents of the bag is always organised.

This is the basket shaped toto bag which I have made with hand quilting.
I have used quite a thick batting for this, but wasn't thick enough.
So my mum has given me the quilt batting she bought long time ago, and had never used it.
It is much more thicker, and I tried to find it in Spotlight, but couldn't find the same one.
I hope I can find it somewhere by the time I use up the ones I have now.
But in the mean time, I have used this new batting on the bag below.

The patchwork is all Liberty cotton, and the big floral print cotton is the interior cotton I found on Sale in the Spotlight. The print is quite beautiful and unique with a large lilly in pastel colours.
I have used the vinyl fake leather (brown) on the bottom and on the handle to give it a nice contrast in colour.
The bag is on Auction now.